Friday, July 11, 2008

Living in the past

Is a really bad place to be.

It makes you forget about what is important right here and now.

The contemplation of the 'would have's' the 'could have's' and the 'should have's'

What do you do when you are part of a pair with one half moving forward and the other half stodgily rigid, clinging to the 'would have's' the 'could have's' and the 'should have's'.

When one half is surging forward and looking for the light, clasping at each small glimmer while the other half is yanking from just below refusing to look up toward the possibilities of now rather than the memories of then.

Do you cut the tie and move bravely forward?

Do you wait and hope that the shining light becomes so unavoidable that the other half lets go of all that is holding them back and starts working harder and faster towards the glimmers with you?


Kay said...

What's going on Trudster????

Kate said...

Jeez Trudi - what is happening right now?


Trudi said...

Oh nothing dramatic guys. Just a few issues with DH, who absolutely refuses to get rid of anything we own due to past events despite the fact that I can't move in the house for his clutter.......

Lynda said...

Have a garage sale.... make $$'s and meet me in Tahiti!!