Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Calling Girls That Wear Dresses

I need help. The last time I wore a dress was sometime in 1999, I think I was pregnant at the time and it may have been a tent impersonating a dress.

Now I am on the 'loose weight by 40' I need a dress to aim for. Not just any dress, this has to be a lump in the throat, catch your breath 'perfect dress'.

Lets think size 12/14 because that is where I will be. Help me out puleeezzzz, post some links to 'the dress' for me.

Price is NOT an issue here, it just has to be 'the dress' the one that will hang up in my room and remind me each day just why I am eating 30gms off Special K and a 1/2 glass of no fat milk for breakfast. Why my new hobby is searching for the lowest points meals, and trying to consider excercise a part of my day instead of that vague weekly annoyance.

The 'dress' will be my goal.

Emma - I think 900 grams is the ideal weight loss for a week anything between 500-1000gm is good stuff! And the teen terror has been slowly improving.

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Lynda said...

Not sure if you can do this in Australia (perhaps a trip to Melbourne would be required) - a friend from here recently went to London for a quick trip - made an appointment with a 'personal shopper' - part of a upmarket department store. She came home so chuffed - she is tall and pear shaped and often struggles to find the perfect dress - needed a couple for blacktie functions. The PS gave her things to try that she would never have given a second thought - and also helped her with the correct 'under garments'/.... all from a private fitting room. In the end she found some stunning dresses and was totally happy. Might be worth a try????