Friday, August 29, 2008

Lost 9.4Kgs

And I need to remember these numbers. I should do pictures soon too I guess.

I can feel the 9.4kgs is gone, some of my clothes don't fit and for once that is a good thing, playing netball and running is a whole lot easier and if I do go to Maccas for lunch or something, then I make up for it later in the day without guilt.

14/6/08 119.0
20/6/08 118.1
27/6/08 116.0
04/7/08 116.0
10/7/08 113.3
17/7/08 113.0
28/7/08 112.9
09/8/08 112.6
15/8/08 111.3
22/8/08 110.0
29/8/08 109.4


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Good for you! Have you found now your starting to see the weight slipping off, you have different food choices and are not as hungry as before? It's such a nice feeling as your clothes start to feel looser.

Anonymous said...

How fantastic Trude!!! Keep on going - maybe one day I will do the same!