Sunday, March 23, 2008

Right or Wrong I feel mad!

So Easter morning and all is dark at 6am when the girls get up (daylight savings please end!!!) They complete the required Easter Egg hunt and we are allowed to silently slip back into bed for a couple more hours of zzzz's (the benefit of OLDER children).

Before we go back to bed, I tell the girls to have cereal as normal and when I get up we will all have hot cross buns together.

Sam gets up earlier than I, nothing unusual about that.

When I get up I ask the girls to do a couple of minor chores (clean up cereal mess, pack up easter egg mess, all the normal) and then say well ok, lets get these hot cross buns cooking. And with that the girls start cooking them in the George Foreman Grill which I must add does the BEST hot cross bun!

Well DH Sam then says can you leave some for me? And I am like well I thought we where eating them all together as a family? And he is like I am going to do weights. And I am like, fine stop cooking them girls we will wait. And he is like, no don't be stupid they cant stop now and I am like fine cook yours girls and put the others away, and he gives a melodramtic sigh and says oh well I will have them know then and I am like don't bother wouldn't want to eat hot cross buns with you if there was only one hot cross bun left in the world, and he laughs at me and I am like don't laugh at me and he says your being ridiculous and I am like somedays I hate you so much.

Okay I acknowledge that there may be some level of PMTish style hormones speaking on my side of this conversation as Sam is so eager to point out BUT let me ask the two obvious questions:

WHY couldn't he have done his weights before I got up, why wait until the moment we start cooking the damn buns and then decide you are going to do them.

WHY argue with someone you believe is suffering from extreme PMT anyway?


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Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh Trudi,

you make me laugh.

I know where your coming from though. Craig waits until he see's me dishing up dinner EVERY night to then say he has to make a phone call for work. I don't think he's really trying to spite me. It's just that his smallish brain doesn't remember about the phone call each night until he see's dinner and realises its that time of the night again. Drives me mental and yes I do remind him he has to make this call each night but still can't do it until dinner time.

We have to put it down to us being the smarter sex!