Monday, March 3, 2008

Job Interview

Well not really, more a promotional, expression of interest type of interview but it comes with all the same nervousness and the 'what ifs'

I have always struggled with job interviews, and my lack of confidence I am sure displays at the interview. No one was more than surprised than me when I got my dream job 18 months ago, and then through pure bluff and false bravado managed a temporary promotion within the first year.

Today I had an interview to be a relief on and off over the year for a position several levels higher than I currently work and much to my amusement the interview went really well.

I had no doubt when I walked out that I had done ok, there was nothing that I would change.

So I have done it, finally after some 18 years or so of applications and interviews I have MASTERED the process.

Now I probably wont get the job, in fact the chances of me doing so are very slim BUT I was happy with just being happy with it.


Lynda said...

Clever girl!! They would be lucky to have you.

Georgie said...

Oh Good luck Trudi! I've started applying for a couple of govt jobs, OMG this selection criteria thingo does my head please LOL