Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you ever regret

Opening your big fat mouth to say something jokingly and it happens minutes later?

We had lots of little dramas at work this morning, the car park was covered in mulch from overnight flooding, several roof leaks causing some damage and no hot water!!!

Fancy a bunch of public servants with no coffee at 8am.

As our office whiz fix it all Mr Miraculous was leaving I said "I'll make sure and have a couple of catastrophe's ready for you in the morning" HA HA HA.

Well be very very careful what you say, not 5 minutes later someone says the photocopier/printer needs a new drum. Can't be too hard right, destruction's are right there.......................................

UM FUCK - it didn't go in properly and is now bloody jammed.

Sure hope Mr Miraculous sees the funny side!

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