Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Emma

I know I am so far behind in the art of blogging I don't even know where to begin!

First of all my new position at work has me pretty busy, if its not keeping up with the ever changing requirements its the people management which is in a whole league of its own.

I work in a very politically correct envirement, we mind our ps and qs and dot our i's and cross our t's.

My husband works in a very 'boy' orientated completely un-politically correct enviroment. All the bosses are a bit like Gordon Ramsey.

It makes me giggle when he says it is quite common to hear someone say 'You lazy fucking bastard - what the fuck where you thinking?'

I on the other hand need to use a different tact 'how can we overcome this problem together', 'I'd like to help you address this, will you let me?'

Like chalk and cheese really.

Somedays I think the Gordon Ramsey method gets more results!

Off to Hobart for a couple of days to attend a Leadership Dialogue, I will be back!


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Thanks so much for the update. I much prefer your hubbys way of dealing with things, so much easier to just abuse and get on with it. I don't know how you tolerate being so nice at work all of the time.

Georgie said...

I so want to be like Gordon too, and funnily enough (NOT! LOL!) am struggling with this politically correct environment too! Trudi, when you work out why you have to ask me if I am "across" something instead of "do you understand", please let me know!!!

Trudi said...

PMSL Georgie I have no idea. We have the 'does that make sense' every thing is finished with 'does that make sense' Someday's I just want to yell for christ sakes just PRESUME it makes sense and if it doesn't I'll fucking well say so!