Monday, June 18, 2007

A New School

Well a couple of weeks ago we made a huge decision to change the girls from a public to a private school.

It wasn't a decision we made lightly, and nor do I think it is a public vs private school debate. In this instance our school was just not meeting the needs of our girls and didn't display the sorts of examples I wanted my children to be following.

Sooooo I started the search for 'the' school. Fortunately their wasn't many on the short list otherwise I may still be looking however we did have a couple of choices a small private christian school (under 150 children from Kinder to Y12), a private catholic school, a boarding school in Launceston (oh it WAS tempting for about five minutes on a bad 'sister fighting' day, and a mid size christian school.

In the end deciding was pretty easy, it was made when we visited the 'mid-size' christian school and felt at 'home', it was as simple as that, it just felt 'right' for all of us.

Samantha, Jessica and Emily all attend the Burnie campus which has Kinder to Year 6 and approx 150 students, while Sarah travels to the Ulverstone campus which has around 400 Kinder to Year 6 students , eventually of course the younger three girls will travel to Ulverstone as well however for now, it gives Sarah some much appreciated 'time away' each day.

Yesterday was their first day and much to my relief it all went REALLY well, everyone was happy and spoke about nice children and nice teachers!

Of course we now pay more in school fees than rent and its going to be a lot longer till we buy a house, but what price limit is their for a child's education and happiness?

Here they are all dressed and ready to go!

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Kate said...

Hi Trudi, the girls look so smart and happy in their new uniforms!

My girls' school has a lovely boarding house if they get too rowdy LOL. I'd be happy to keep an eye on them for you!!! ;)

Kate in Lonnie

Vanessa and Kara said...

I just saw this!! How are they going Trudi??? They look soooo smart in their new uniforms!

LMAO at the 5 minute consideration of boarding school. I told K about boarding schools and she looked at me terrified LMFAO. I assured her she wouldn't be going.... if she behaved :P