Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Lounge.....

Its a wonderful thing a new lounge, well not so new, but new to me, its changed the whole lounge room, and with it my attitude to visitors, now after 12 months of being anti-visitor I feel ready to take the plunge into the world of social!

Yes I messaged my in real life close friend Mandy and made the announcement, the house is OPEN. Poor Mandy has NEVER visited my house because I am the 'excuse' girl, busy, out, will come to you, that's me - the excuse girl, you name it Ive used it. We have been friends for nearly two years, worked together for over a year, still meet for lunch nearly every week and she has NEVER been to my house.

I of course, have been to her house dozens of times, its like my home away from home, one of those places where I feel comfortable in my own skin as soon as I walk in. And do you think she has noticed - YEAH course she has, but funny thing is that girl knows me better than I know myself at times and she would never ever try to push past the boundary that I built. That's what I like about her the most, it doesn't matter to her how silly something may seem, after all she is my friend because of me not because of my lounge or anything else, but she understands that for whatever reason it matters to me and that's enough for her I think having friends like that is pretty special.

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