Tuesday, March 20, 2007


We got a lovely xmas card the other day, yes I KNOW it was March, but the sender was waiting for me to email our address and as usual being the totally disorganised lacksadaisie ditzy blonde I am I hadn't done it yet.

Well it was from two of our very dear friends, and believe me I absolutely ADORE them but occasionally I am faced with the mind numbing reality that they really are just about as perfect as anyone can be.

Her enclosed letter is brilliantly and charmingly written, they are picture perfect as verified by their enclosed photo and despite having an absolute gut wrenching rotten year last year they are forging ahead into the new year with such gusto it makes me want to cry.

The letter is filled with triumphs and happiness despite such sorrow and loss and they absolutely amaze me, ok Ill admit they don't have five children and a granddaughter to worry about, just a new picture perfect puppy to look after and they both work and she is doing her Masters and he is doing a BLOODY DOUBLE DEGREE, can you imagine? Renovations are nearly complete on their gorgeous cottage in what is fast becoming one of Adelaides trendier country areas in SA and blah blah blah shall I go on or do you have the gist?

Just answer me this how AM I, just me, little old me meant to reply to such a letter?

I have tried a couple of times but it just doesn't quite make the grade how about

Hi guys,
So wonderful to hear from you, things are wonderful here as usual, the twins have only had three fights so far today and it is already 8am, Sarah only told me I was 'Gay' twice this morning and Emily bless her was playing 'house' with the Conditioner again and it all tipped down the drain just before my shower. Sam is well I packed him back of to to work last night, amazingly we only had one argument this weekend which of course was my fault - hormones you know.
Our quiet culdesac has been less so since the new neighbours moved in, their dog barks incessantly but I am relieved that their father seems to yell louder and longer than I do, he uses a much broader range of swear words as well, I really felt a little lacking after listening to him.
All the girls are doing well at school, Sarah hasn't been suspended all year and its nearly Easter break!
Our dogs are ok I see them occasionally, the cats tell me they are well,
Love to all,

Hmmmmmm dont know that will work....

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Kate said...

Oh I LOVE it Trudi! It is PERFECT!!!!