Saturday, March 3, 2007


Our memories are just so special and we really all need to learn to record every little thing. I was having a discussion with a group of lovely ladies about the funny things children say and do - or the embarassing! And I could remember so many of Emilys who is 8 and am struggling to remember ANY of Danielles who is 20.

I am a little sad about that and am going to make a super effort to write write write!

Here are some stories I shared about Emily today:

When we lived in Balaklava we went to the supermarket, turn the aisle corner and their is an a lovely american guy. Before I could stop her Em walks right up and starts rubbing/patting his arm and at the top of her little 3 year old voice says
'you are REALLY black'

At my MILs for a bbq where she has a number of guests. The food comes out and Em turns, looking directly at a very large lady sitting down and says 'you better not have anything to eat' the lady smiles and says 'why' (and I am thinking you are best to ignore a three year old) and Em says 'because you are VERY fat' The whole bbq went silent :-[

We where catching a train into town one day and Em goes over to a nice old man with a long santa looking beard and says 'YOUR NOT SANTA' while she yanks his beard, the look on her face when it DIDNT move was priceless!

At a fete and we turn around to see her with both hands around the neck of a whippet dog - she thought it looked like Santas Little Helper from the Simpsons and was shaking it like Homer does.

At Hungry Jacks one day there was a VERY skinny friend of Danielles turn up, Emily says 'oh my your as skinny as a bone you better have two'

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