Sunday, April 8, 2007

Beautiful Easter Sunday

We went into Burnie Park for 'Fairies In The Park' and I was sooooo upset I didn't take my camera. It was truly magical, the whole park was an absolute wonderland.

Burnie Park is a truly beautiful park, tall trees, rose gardens, leave covered paths, a pond with a bridge, all the backdrop you need to create a perfect fairy paradise.

The whole park was dotted with different people/events and decorated with flamingo's, large floral arrangements made from multi coloured balloons, everywhere you looked there was more colour and captivating events to see.

One area where the Queen of all the Fairies sat, you could make magical wands with her, get your face painted, make a wish in the magical well or simply sit and listen for a while to the magical melody of a harp being played.

Move on to the bridge over the lake where hundreds upon hundreds of bubbles drifted up in the air while two giant butterfly people danced along the shore, truly magnificent costumes and again I was quite disappointed I had forgotten my camera.

Lots of fairies where running around, playing and dancing with the children and obligingly getting photos taken. There where some surprise visitors - Shrek and Princess Fiona, Bob The Builder, The Cat in The Hat, Bananas In Pajamas, Alice in Wonderland and of course The Easter Bunny handing out Eggs for all the children.

There was a giant slide down the hill, a relaxing solo singer in the outdoor amphitheatre, the mandatory jumping castle.

Move over a little further in the park and you found a gorgeous castle setting worthy of Prince Arthur's time, and lots of young children dressed in traditional garb having mock fighting displays which was being filmed for a movie of some sort.

Different events could be viewed on the main stage every hour or so, including the incredibly funny strong man, poets, jokers and more.

There where some food vans and an ice cream van, and surprisingly a van selling show bags probably the only thing I really didn't think was required and managed to avoid!

The girls just loved it, we just wandered around and drank in the atmosphere, and it was truly a beautiful atmosphere, so many happy relaxed people just delighting in something a little bit different!

Well done to the organisers, a truly gorgeous family outing which didnt cost us a cent!

Next year I will remember the camera!

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