Sunday, April 29, 2007

Samantha, Jessica and Netball

We are a bit of a netball family, hardly surprising really is it.

As with most little sisters, they see their older sisters do something and they want to do it too. Or sometimes they do what YOU believe they want to do!

Under 10 selections where held last week, I asked Samantha and Jessica if they wanted to go, Samantha said yes, and Jess said she didnt really care.

I didnt really listen.

Sometimes being the mum of twins is hard work, heck being a mum to five is hard work.

Well the girls went to trials with another 44 girls, the coaches decided to cut the number to 20, we where to find out on Saturday who made the first cut.

I was a bit worried during the week, what if they didn't get in, what if one did get in and the other didn't?

Well Samantha was selected in the top 20 and Jessica wasn't.

I expected her to be upset, sad, jealous................

Ummmmm she said ' MUM, I DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT'

Oh....................well you did say that really didn't you? And I didn't really listen did I?

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