Friday, April 20, 2007

Hobart - Day Five

No photos today, our last day and we we went to Salamanca Markets

Ohhhhh an absolute haven of yummy food and fantastic stalls.

I managed to find a couple of books while for the rest of the family it was a culinery delight!

There are food stalls every where, specialised burgers to dippy dogs, gourmet sausages, fresh raspberries, mini pancakes......

The final award went to the Olliebollen ohhhhhhhhhhh YUM!

We have decided Olliebollen will be our New Years food! Every New Years I am going to make Olliebollen in the lead up to the magic hour!

We wandered the markets and then drove home, completely and utterly delighted with our week away, in fact, I am planning our very next trip away already!


Lynda said...

wow that is so freaky!!! I have been planning to make a batch of olliebollen since easter - great minds think alike - they are pretty deadly on the waistline so I was waiting for a day when there would be enough people around to eat them!

Kylie said...

oh yum olliebollen.....