Monday, April 16, 2007

Hobart - Day Two

Waking up and realising that you have a week stretched out ahead of you that has been bookmarked for just fun is truly blissful!

Today we went to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory for a tour. I am a great lover of Cadbury chocolate so this was a big treat for me. Now I know that not everyone is a fan of Cadburys, but I am yet to discover a chocolate that I like other than Cadburys.

As our visit was so soon after Easter, the girls had written to the Easter Bunny requesting that they only receive an egg or two this year so they where extremely excited to be visiting the factory as well.

If you plan a visit it is essential that you book as they do fill the tours very quickly, believe it or not they manage around 800 YES 800 people a day on their tours! I think they are VERYreasonable in their costs for families, for the six of us it was $31.50 which I thought super cheap considering we where able to eat bucketloads of free samples while waiting for our tour to commence and received
another free sample when leaving, a mini box of chocolate each.

Of course at the end of the tour you can also make purchases from their gift shop, we didn't get a lot, some chocolate for Sam's mum, 3 blocks of family size chocolate wrapped in paper for only $5, some really good bargains to be had!

We couldn't take a camera into the factory, all those chocolate secrets you know, and I forgot to get a picture of the girls at the front of the factory.

Interesting bit of information - Cadburys is NOT Australian, it is actually an English owned company.

We where all impressed with the tour, and the samples and headed back to the unit for some lunch.

After lunch Sam stayed at the unit while I took the girls ice-skating!

Well I havent been on the ice in about 22 years so was a little apprehensive as to how I would go. Sarah, who has only skated once before must be a natural as she glides around everywhere effortlessly. Jessica was skating well after the first half an hour or so and Emily managed after an hour.

Samantha and I , well we took a little longer BUT by the end of the two hour session we managed full circles of the rink without hanging on and even managed to build up some speed!

It was fantastic fun and I am so glad I decided to just get out there and have a go instead of sitting in the observation area with the other parents - they don't know what they missed!

Here's my ice angels:

Sarah 'The Expert Skater' pretending its hard, or copying the expression on my face!
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Samantha just about to fall!
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Jessica with some strange lady - ok ok its me but I really hate this picture.
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After iceskating we went back to the unit and Sarah babysat while Sam and I went over the road to the Beltana Hotel for a couple of quiet drinks and some adult time.


Kate said...

Good on you for taking to the ice Trude! I love that! And all that yummy chocolate....

Great photos and yep, I even mean that last one where the 'strange' lady is attacking the kid! LOL


Kay said...

Onya Trudi for having a go! Sounds like you had a great time - lurve the sound of the Cadbury's factory too!