Saturday, April 7, 2007

Oh my little teendevil

Teenagers are incredible pieces of work, of course I should know I was probably one of the worst of them. Let me tell you that HAS NOT helped me or given me any dramatic insight into my own teenagers. Well maybe a little as I am certainly more open to discussion than my parents where ever to me, really though they only had me for a couple of months of being an official 'teen' so perhaps I judge them too harshly.

Anyone I digress, this is hardly a post about my own parents because I seriously do not have the time or beverages to blog all of that crap tonight, nor is it about Danielle because at nearly 20 she is rapidly moving beyond 'teenage' though youd never guess based on some of her recent antics.

Sarah - oh dear Sarah, where to start with Sarah. Gorgeous, witty, loud, funny and 14.

Sarah is, and has ALWAYS been a door slammer. No amount of 'please don't' has made a difference, all the cajoling and threatening has not made a difference.

Yesterday morning Sarah was sent, as they ALL are sent each Saturday to clean her room and she SLAMMED the door.

Well much to her horror and our utter amusement the door wouldn't open again!!!!!

Absolutely hilarious and karma biting someone on the bum I think.

I did offer to slide some cheese slices under the door if her room wasn't cleaned by lunch.

It actually took about an hour to get the door open without any damage, and there has not been a single door slamming incident in the last 24 hours - fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Great story Trudi - but what I want to know - was the room tidy after the hour?? LOL


Anonymous said...

Very funny - Oh the joys :-/ of teenagers. What I have to look forward to :-/