Monday, December 17, 2007

Five more sleeps

No not till xmas - I can count you know!

Five more sleeps till my two weeks holidays. And I am EXCITED!

Ok so the glitz and glam of xmas slightly overshadows it but I am still excited! This excitement is likely to reach mammoth proportions the week after xmas when Sam has returned to work and its just the girls and I for one whole week. DOn't get me wrong I love him to pieces but he is of the 'wake up its morning' variety and I am going for the 'who gives a fuck' approach to holidays.

I am picturing some lazy days down on the beach with my new book (on the xmas list), the chance to clean out a cupboard or two and just a small slice of not a hell of a lot!

For those that are used to paid holidays every year you are probably thinking WTF - big deal, but having spent the better half of my adult life self employed or in casual (AKA NO holidays) employment the fact that some one is going to pay me to sit on my butt doing nothing for a couple of weeks is delicious beyond belief!

As I sink my toes into the warm sand I am quite simply going to savour every second of it!

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Vanessa and Kara said...

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!

Nice to see you blogging again and I cannot believe Bethany is almost one ~ that's just scary. Have the BEST first christmas with her!!!

V xxx