Sunday, December 30, 2007


My children should have warnings on them when they walk into a room, something neon and bright that alerts me to the fact that they are about to get another one over me.


"Do I reallllllyyyyy need to do my grounding", asks Miss 8.

"Well" I say, struggling to keep a smile from my face,

"Do you think you should have to?"

Miss 8 pauses, frowns with her little nose crinkled up and says

"Well yes I guess so, BUT I did say sorry......"

You also have a mother who is a complete pushover AND you know it!

I think having five girls has worn my resolve down, or after five girls I have decided some things just don't matter....or I have NO brain cells left, I can never quite figure out which it is but the lack of brain cells is sort of up there on the list as it explains away the other goofy stuff I seem to do.

One thing I do know is when Miss Emily pulls an Emily face I am a gonner! This is such a shocking photo, the light is poor, its out of focus BUT the fun Em is jumping out of it and I love it.


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