Monday, December 10, 2007

Im Baaaaaaacccccckkkkkk

And where the fuck have I been?!?!?!?!?!?!

Call it writers block, sleepiness, disinterest, bi-polar happenings, the full moon for several months whatever I was there.

Caught up selling on ebay again for a while - thats a joke definitely need a trading assistant, got lost in face book for a while, sucked into many games of scrabulous........ahhh the list goes on.

Sam and the girls are well, have been busy with them as well, for a while there my every free waking minute was being spent at the netball courts with the girls and you know what they say if you cant beat them join them, so join I did.

I hit the netball court for my first game in 23 years.

A few weeks later after I picked myself up............

No not really, look it could have been a lot worse. Overweight mother of five goes to play netball after 23 get the picture its not a pretty sight....

I suffered for the first few weeks, it seriously was taking me a WEEK to recover, I tilted my pelvis, strained my groin, got shin splints......get the idea?????

But I went to physio and I hit the court again and again.

I was convinced that EVENTUALLY my body would have to get used to it.

And it did. By the last game I was feeling GREAT.

The girls where quite impressed with my efforts, Sarah's exact words after my first game where 'Geez mum I expected you to really suck but you did ok'.

I spent many a game wishing someone would stuff a sock in Emily's mouth her shrill screaming 'Stick to your player mum, your player MUM...MUM MUUUUUMMMMMMMMM STICK TO YOUR PLAYER' would drive anyone to fake a season long injury.

As for the girls netball well this year Sarah played for Burnie in the U14 Development Team playing at State Carnivals in Hobart, Launceston, Scottdale and Devonport. We are waiting in anticipation her letter from the Tasmanian Netball Association to see if she managed to gain a position in the Regional Development Squad.

Samantha played in the U10 Development Squad for Launceston and Devonport and also selected for U11s for Scottsdale.

Jessica through sheer grit and determination AKA going every week to train even when not on the selections list was considered developed enough to be selected for the U10s going to Devonport. Well she proved her worth providing incredible defending skills as GD/GK - Jess my girl I seriously didn't know you could run that much xxx

Emily hates netball - LOL.

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T said...

Just bloody good to have you back :)

I had to lol at Emily's encouragement, how precious she is!