Saturday, December 29, 2007

That Little Girl Of Mine

The girls and I where at the shops and I was looking for some basic thongs for camp next week when I realised Emily wasn't standing right next to us as she should have been.

It doesnt matter how many time as a parent it happens to you those moments are always awful, its an instant stomach tightening sick feeling.

I called for her and started my search but I didnt have far to look.

Miss 8 was sitting in the next aisle surrounded by shoes and was gazing at her feet with a mixture of amazement and adoration on her face. Barely looking up at me she breathed 'Look at these mum'.

She had a pair of pink high heels on.

I so wish I had a camera with me to catch that moment, her expression, the light in her eyes.

There was no way I could leave there without those shoes for my little girl.

They aren't my style, and not something I would normally buy for her but that moment and those shoes are one of those beautiful memories we will always have.

It was a moment where a little girl got exactly what her heart desired, and a mother remembered that her little girl was growing up.

I love you baby girl so very much xxx


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