Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm A Pink Plaid Or Floral Type Of Girl Really

Ah the joy of the Xmas wish list.

Every year I get asked what I want and I provide sensible practical choices.

Not just one item, but a couple to pick and choose from.

Easy really isn't it?

This years list was some new underwear (nothing nicer than a top quality matching set in my opinion), some new perfume and a new book.

With a bit of hesitation I rolled out of bed at 5am Xmas morning and blearily stumbled out to the lounge to witness the mass destruction of my neatly wrapped and ribboned parcels.

Then it was my turn, ohhh the first parcel revealed the PERFECT matching underwear set - yipeeee.

Hmmm the second parcel, hmmmm whats going on I think as I grab it, its soft and spongy............definitely NOT a book OR perfume......

Arrrrrhmmmmmmmmmm what do we have here.....a VERY sheer flimsy wispy black lacy PJ set with a matching sheer robe.

Hmmmmmmmm what in the world am I meant to do with this I wonder, this WILL not protect me during a Tasmanian winter.

On closer examination I notice its made from unrelenting polyester AND also appears to be couple of sizes too small.

And of course my darling husband is exactingly and patiently waiting for my verdict..........ohhh its lovely I say (Pinocchio eat your heart out), might be a tad too small I add, but ohhh gorgeous and um soft and ummmm light.

I quickly bundle it back into its wrap and set my sights on making the Amazing Allysn doll work for Miss 8.

Now I know that pink plaid or floral type PJ's may not be the sexiest attire in the world but the reality is they are a damn sight warmer and more practical than the basically see through get up my darling hubby purchased.

He thought it would look nice on me, well yes, it would have five children and 30kgs ago but I still probably wouldn't have worn it because it is so darn impractical.

I thinking its like trying to turn a jocks man into a boxer short fellow and visa versa.

I am quite happy being a practical type of girl in my pink plaid or floral jim jams thanks very much!

PS: Xmas pictures tomorrow - Too many toys and yummy desserts!

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