Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back to School This Week

The girls all go back to school this week! How exciting for them all I think, and an end to the painful childcare bill for me.

Sarah is in year 8, Samantha and Jessica year 4 (and separate classes for the first time ever), and Emily is in grade 2.

And I am in the midst of covering about 30-35 books! I kid you not! There Must be a better way to cover books than the painful contact process 35 times over.

We have all the usual requirements, the only thing left to get is connector pens, I am told they are the only type that will do so they are on the list for tomorrow.

Had a super crappy day at work, seems someone sent the wrong thing back to the wrong customer (which is a major privacy issue) and I just have this goddamn awful feeling it was me. So I am preparing to face the firing squad - LOL. Probably not that serious, but a silly careless thing to have done at any rate.

Tomorrow and Thursday is just two days of training, hah, cant mess that up I'm sure, a welcome relief I think.

I am feeling a little sensitive and inadequate in a few areas of my life at the moment. Don't you hate it when you feel that way, like your chi just isn't chinging or something. Silly thoughtless mistakes that you don't normally make that upset other people, it really bugs me that.

I caught up with Danielle and Baby Bethany today - oh she is scrumptious, now she always makes me feel good! Danielle was so sweet, had gone to a lot of trouble to make me a yummy lunch which I really appreciated today. They are coming to stay tomorrow night and I really cant wait, it is so nice spending time with Bethany and just being loved for doing absolutely nothing at all.

DH rang tonight, all is well in the life of a miner for today. I feel sorry for him when he is away because he misses out on so much, other times I resent the hell out of him because I am left doing it all. All does not feel right in paradise at the moment, I really hate periods in our relationship like this, where I begin to question everything and wonder if after everything we have been through if it might not just have been too much. And then something changes, the balance moves and I think everything is just wonderful.

Ha - could also be because I haven't walked in the morning once this week, lazy git, maybe I am of the planet because I need to walk. Maybe I am rambling because my endorphins haven't been released, bit annoying that chocolate doesn't work the same way as exercise actually, someone up on the jolly old heaven factory line really screwed that one up.

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