Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I am quite excited about our upcoming weekend away. Not only will it be a much deserved break for all of us, but I will also get to catch up with a good friend of mine on Saturday as well! The xmas break and all those horrible daycare fees where just a nightmare, truly. I am so glad to be spending Easter Brak with the girls, with the money we save on daycare we can have a holiday - unbelievable really isnt it. Its really nice for things to get back to normal. And normal usually means saving a bit of money and replacing all those things that the loves of my life seem to break/misplace etc etc on a day to day basis. Love them I do but I will be the first to admit that it annoys me!

Had a GREAT day at work today, it started of looking a little gloomy but shaped up to be rather terrific and I walked out the door pretty darn pleased with my days work. Oh but I wasnt very happy with my non-healthy lunch eating though ~ was running around shopping and grabbed something fast and fatty which is NOT the best thing in the world for me to be doing.

I was chatting away to some online friends earlier and to be honest I would be LOST without them. I think we have been chatting every day for about 4 years or so now, and some of them just make me laugh so much and seriously help keep me sane in this rather rushed starnge life I call mine.

And this post is green, Why? When I am happy within myself I dont mind the colour green. When I dont feel very happy it is the worst colour in the world and I can't stand it.............strange but true!

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