Monday, February 19, 2007

'For Ava Mummy'

We went to the beach for a swim last night, it was warm, the closest I have come to actually being hot while living in Tassie.

And Emily produced a pink balloon that she had bought along from home 'For Ava Mummy'.

It was so unexpected and simply beautiful........ I love you Emily

A very good friend of mine Therese wrote this for Ava, it is truly beautiful and speaks volumes about the wonder that is an internet relationship...

In a box in your Mum's study
is an ocean of tears
from a group of mums who love you
and are holding her so near'
They hadn't all got to meet you
but love you just so much
from seeing your curls and smiles
through your mummy's magic touch

Your smile could light a whole room
your eyes could do no wrong
your spirit was so empowering
your love of life so strong
we know you now play with angels
and dance among the stars
we know that you will send
mummy your love down from afar
be free from pain sweet ava
let the angels take your hand
show you where you can still see
your family as they try to understand
sleep peacefully sweet baby
in soft white clouds above
always knowing just how much you meant
to us whose lives that you have touched

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