Monday, February 19, 2007

Weddings and Family

We went to a wedding on Saturday, oh my gosh it was beautiful but the process was painful.

It all started with trying to work out the logistics of getting there.

We decided it may be best to head down on Friday night and stay down there for the two days with the girls. We could go to the wedding and also have some quality time with the girls.

Great idea right.....


I got home from work and the girls where all cleaning their respective rooms AND fighting. Sarah and Emily where the absolute worst, Sarah had a bagful of Emily's things out on the front lawn and I swear I could hear the wailing from the corner of our street.

Combine that with a tired mum and there was NO WAY we where leaving on Friday night, no way in the world.

Saturday morning arrives and I'm thinking ok, its 9am, wedding at 3pm. Logistics are telling me we need to get going early because it is 1.5 hrs drive, soooooo hard to get ready with the girls at the best of times AND I know DH wants to stop and get a new tie and belt. Don't believe what they say about men being able to just stroll into a store, pick something up and be happy with it, that is so far removed fro the truth for my DH it is a JOKE. I KNEW his shopping trip would take at LEAST an hour because he puts no planning into his shopping trips.

Then comes the clincher to my morning.

DH says, ok I'm off, back soon - ummmmm HELLO where are you going?!?!?!?!? Just racket ball, back by 10.30am. OMFG - that was such a MALE thing to do, and believe me the emotional BLOW OUT I had was such a female thing to do that I think we came out even in the end.

Eventually we changed plans and came up with something that everyone could live with, compromises where made as they often are in families. More often then not of late I feel like my life is just one big compromise really.

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