Thursday, February 8, 2007

So Tired

I am so tired, always at the end of the week it hits me, just pure bone weary deep aching tiredness. And I am so tired of having to explain I am tired!

You would think that it would be simple for my husband to appreciate that while he works away during the week I also work full time and look after our four school age girls, I am BUSY BUSY BUSY. Most days start at 5.30am and end at 10.30ish and by the end of the week I am just TIRED!

Its not rocket science, and shouldn't be hard to understand, yet week after week I find my self explaining why I sound a little flat on the phone. Does anyone EVER listen to what I have said or am saying, does anyone actually hear me. Sometimes I feel like I could tear myself inside out because I swear I am not being heard, I believe they listen but they don't hear me.

Sarah is 14 today, and happy birthday to her. We of course had a fight, what on her birthday I hear you say, yes on her birthday - typical. The day was going swimmingly well till the bus ride home (did I mention I didn't have a new car yet and I AM TIRED???) Emily and Sarah started fighting over who would ring the bell and of course they rang it a stop early. So I made them get off and walk the 100 metres. The twins and I rode to the next stop, as Sarah got of the bus she called me a 'friggin mole'. Ha - a 'friggin mole' indeed, rude teenagers they are just awful sometimes and so amazingly perfect at others. So we walked home and cleaned up during which that silly husband of mine rings and asks Sarah what is wrong with me (did I mention I am tired) and she recaps the bus incident but of course leaves out the 'friggin mole' (and Im sure it was fucking but anyway..) part of the story, so then by the time I get back on the phone he asks me if I am not over-reacting a bit over them pushing the bell early...HONESTLY by this stage it is nearly 6.30pm and I am ready to throw the phone at the wall. I ask him if he is really stupid enough to believe that is all it is about and he says 'Im just going on what Sarah told me' . Oh well dear man THAT is my point?!?!?! Why on earth would you not think for just a second that perhaps there was more to the story? Maybe you havent really married some physco woman after all.

I just wish when he was over there and he rang he would SHUT UP. He thinks he is helping but all he is doing is annoy the absolute bejesus out of us all and inflaming the situation. As if I would be mad over just the bell bit, and if I hadnt of been so tired I probably would have just told the driver wrong stop, except its the grumpy driver and its not the first time they have done it anyway.

Of course within minutes of him being of the phone, all was well and Sarah hd apologised and completed expected I am sorry househoild cleaning, harmony and balance is back in the house.

Oh speaking of teenagers, I had a bit of a laugh with a friend at work today just as we where leaving, Ive discovered I have grouped Sarah's friends into two groups ~ those that have had sex (bad friends), and those that haven't (good friends). Sarah was out with Maddie today and they where waiting for me with the other girls outside of work, my friend commented on me having an extra one and I said oh she is one of Sarah's 'good' friends. Hmmm I can hardly believe that I actually thought like that, please tell me I am not turning into my mother.

The funeral for my friends little girl is on Saturday, of course as it is in Qld I wont be going but it sounds though as if it will be a wonderful celebration of her life, everyone has been asked to wear pink and they are releasing hundreds of pink balloons a truly beautiful way to remember such a special little girl.

Speaking of beautiful little girls, here is my little grandaughter. This was also my first ever digital scrapbooking effort.

Danielle and Bethany are doing really well actually, I see them nearly every day! I think she is really sweet they stayed over last night and I spent about an hour chatting to her, and dancing ! Bethany LOVES to dance with her Nana, we twirl and twirl and I sing along, she is absolutely the only person left in the world that doesnt mind my dancing and singing! I sent Danielle home with the digital camera and stern instructions to take GOOD pictures!

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