Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Not Fair

An online friend lost her beautiful little girl Ava Rosemeyer pictured above, gorgeous isnt she? It was a blameless tragic acident that could have happened to anyone, and in fact had it happened to just anyone I would have:

1. Read it on Page Three of the Examiner (Never would have hit the Advocate ~ not big enough news)

2. Tut-tutted over the tragedy of it all.

3. Turned to the classifieds to see if there was any lounges for sale, because that is what I am actually reading the paper for, the news of the day is just a temporary imposition, something to tut-tut about.

Its all different when its someone you 'know'.

Online relationships are the strangest things, you form close bonds with people that you would normally walk past in the street, you tell them things you don't tell anyone ~ not even your husband, its all so safe.

A nice safe little world where you go to hide, browse ebay, buy something you don't need, chat a bit, share photos.

We forget its real, full of real things, real people, real lives, people that bleed, people that cry, people that die.

I will never forget it again.

Ava's mother, Sheye is an AMAZING photographer though I dont think she realises how talented she is, over the last few years she has shared her talent and her love of her beautiful children through her photos in an online forum that I am a member of, there are a lot of people feeling like me at the moment - shocked, hurt and angry that this can happen to anyone, let alone such a loving special family.

I thought that it would be a nice idea to be able to give a breath of time, imagine if we all gave a year of our own time and that was enough to bring her back, how simple, a year isnt much is it, it passes in the blink of an eye. But then how many do we give away and how do we choose who they get given to. It just doesnt work does it.

There is no sense in a tragedy like this, a loss of anyone is hard, yet when it is a child it is harder for they remind us that death holds no friends and will not pass you by. The only lesson we learn is that our time here is truly fragile, we should gently care for each precious day we have with those that we love and learn to forget those things that are truly unimportant.

I wish I could turn back the clock and have learnt that lesson a little earlier in life, oh the many things I could change.

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