Sunday, February 11, 2007

Family Tricks and Nicknames to Remember

My children have these funny little things they can do.

All of them can put their tongues right up on the tips of their noses, so YESSSS they could pick their noses with their tongues......EWWWWW...

Jessica can fold her tongue up, its a bit like an accordion, quite unusual and funny.

A couple of them are double jointed and gross me out with it on a regular basis.

I cant really do much of anything like that. Well I can flare my nostrils out without moving anything else on my face, bit boring really, Id rather be able to twitch the end of my nose.

They all have a nickname Danielle's was Bobby after Bobby in Home and Away because she got her hair cut just like hers once and the name stuck.

Sarah is Sarah Bare Bum, because when she was little she would at every opportunity rip of her nappy and run around with a bare bum. She is also Ruby Girl to her Dad.

Samantha is Manthy, and Jessicas is Dessie. Simply because that is what they called each other when they where learning to talk. Samantha is also Daddy's princess and Jessica is Goosey Lucy because she is a bit of a goose and we decided after we named her that we should have really called her Lucy.

Emily is Cookie, I used to always play a game where she was a big fat cookie and Id gobble her all up so the name stuck.

Beautiful aren't they the little things we all share.....

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